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96% of the searchers choose businesses that appear on the first page of search results and 70% of them make a store visit within 24 hours. In the competitive digital environment, how do YOU ensure to be the first one to grab their attention online?

Chapter 1

Leveraging the potential of the web can prove to be the best business decision for your brand. With more than half of the world’s population on the internet, digital presence has nowadays become crucial for acquisition and retention of new customers. It is indeed a hub of users with numerous needs and pain points, which is often left unexploited by many local businesses. Why is this, and how do you leverage the best of the World Wide Web to increase your sales and maximize profit?

Consider this chapter as a beginner’s guide to kick start your digital campaign by understanding your business; it’s competitors, users, and the market. We will give you a peep into the best inline tips and prerequisites to establish your brand digitally and boost your online presence.

 Many of you will agree that the principal objective of any business is to create awareness about its products/services to increase sales and maximize profit. But the million-dollar question is, if your strategy is moving in alignment with your business goals. Is it enabling you to keep pace with the ever-changing marketplace? What is your plan to optimize current sales?

A place where most of the local/ small business owners are lacking is having a game plan to excel at their businesses. This is mainly because of two very common reasons: –

Because business plans are meant for big companies like the Tata’s, Apple, or Tesla.
Or Because of other business indulgences and priorities, you just couldn’t get the time to think about it. 

For all those who put a tick mark on any of these reasons, need serious reconsideration. Let’s find out all the reasons why a business plan is essential and how it can help in achieving your business targets.
A plan is what gives the direction to your business towards its success. There are two ways of doing business:-

Through Hard work: See the tasks, get your head into it, and deal with things as they come. Or
Through Smart Work: Plan the execution of these tasks to meet timely business targets.

So, if you wish to work smart and make practical choices which have a purpose rather than just working hard with no motive in mind, then strategic planning is an uncompromisable necessity. Planning is specifically important to give your business a kickstart. Especially when you are in the developing stage, you need to make proper utilization of resources to ensure they are in alignment with your long-term business objectives. A strategic plan can give you these check-points to stay on track and achieve your business goals in the dynamic marketplace with minimum glitches.

Strategic planning for small businesses doesn’t have to be very exhaustive and time-consuming; you can simply start with identifying your business goals and how you wish to achieve them.

Since this is the digital era where people are getting what they wish with the swipe of a finger or a voice instruction, leveraging search engines like Google and building your digital presence can prove to be a smart decision. This is mainly because it’s easy to use, and you can start with free organic posts to understand the power of digital media with no investment at all. 

But, without a plan, there is no way to track and pace with what you wish to achieve with your website or social media. And most importantly, what you wish to pitch in front of your audience and if you are able to accomplish that within set timelines.

Making a plan upfront will help you outline what you wish to do and check if your activities correspond with your specific business goals. So, start with researching and analyzing your product, its market, and your objective.

Preparing a business plan would require intimate knowledge of your company, product, competition, and market. So, beginning with preparing your company’s vision, mission, and value statement can give the desired direction to your plan.

Overview & Preview

5 Chapters

80 Pages

The digital world has set altogether a different benchmark for local and small businesses to mark their presence online. With more than half the world’s population on the net, it has become a hub of prospects and a great place to market your brand. 

How does a local business with limited resources and lack of understanding of the market leverage all that the world wide web has to offer? This ebook is conceptualized and formed with a mission to be the constitution of digital marketing for local and small businesses. The ebook covers it all, starting right from laying the foundation of your business to understanding the users and various media. As it progresses, it will throw light on all digital marketing thumb rules, a local business shall follow.

This ebook will take you through all aspects of digital marketing, which can help you boost your presence and ranking on the search engine results page. Another aspect that it will throw light on is building a brand following and retaining converts. Right from branding strategy to understanding Google, boosting SERP ranking, PPC advertising to the end of campaign review, the ebook covers it all. Aiming to answer all the ‘whys,’ ‘whats,’ and ‘how,’ the ebook can be your beginner’s guide for establishing your brand online.

What you would learn.

The digital storm is inevitable and it’s time to make the leap now. This book can help you in that leap.

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Your customer’s trust is your biggest asset, and the only one way to build a brand image and earn huge profits.

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