Attracting the most active part of the population towards your brand should definitely be one of your mainstream marketing targets. The millennial generation, as we call them, are individuals born from the year 1985 to 2000, and occupy a considerable part of the world population.

They form 78 million of the total U.S. population and are true believers of the mobile-first movement. In fact, they spend about 96 digital hours every month on social media. And about 45% of them indulge in online shopping every day with two in three making purchases using their mobile phones.

They are also referred to as the ‘Selfie Generation’ and are famous for their social sense and outspoken attitude. Take it this way; they are the rebels, who believe in breaking social stereotypes, and do what they love. These are not just the people watching TV on their parent’s couch. Millennials include college-going students, working professionals, married couples, and parents also. They have been groomed in a world of technology and diverse choices. In fact, they are the highest spending generation of all time. This makes it even more so important to reach them and pitch your product.

As a local marketer, this is what makes understanding and marketing to millennials an essential activity for your business. But, before you begin, you need first to understand what attracts millennials and what shall be your strategy to reach them.

Understanding Millennials

Marketing to millennials can be made easy if you understand their personas. Let us look at some of such characteristics that can give a direction to your marketing strategy.

  1. They are great and loyal customers
  2. They are open to trying new things. Once they do and like a brand, they stick to them. 
  3. They are great brand ambassadors. If they like you, they will refer you. And if they don’t, they will very well deter you.
  4. They are techno-friendly. Millennials are 5X more amenable to understand and adopt the technology.
  5. They are hardcore internet users and expect the world to be at their fingertips. 

How to reach them?


Be Personal, Interactive and Social

The millennials are very different from the older generation. The older generation grew up watching television and radio commercials, whereas the millennials were more into text messages, social media, and the world wide web. In those times, a TV or radio commercial was enough to pitch products and saw a reasonable conversion rate too.

But the times have changed now, and it’s not so easy to pitch yourself to the millennials. They need engagement on multiple platforms to make a buying decision. Since, this is the Google generation, not expecting them to research and explore all their options first would be a total ignorance. Another factor that calls for this multifold user engagement is the increasing number of your competitors. In earlier times, there were very few brands, and users didn’t have many options to explore either.

In a world where there are thousands of brands selling similar products or services, how do you market yourself to the millennials? Starting could be forming relevant content which is engaging and clear. Another factor is leveraging the latest technology and trends to interact with them on multiple platforms. 

The best platform to engage with the millennials is where they are already active – emails, social media, and the web. You can create mailing lists and shoot mailers, push ads on social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Support social causes and be charitable

The millennials are enthusiastic social supporters and prefer buying from companies that support social causes and give back to society. They believe in breaking stereotypes and promote equality. Therefore, marketing to millennials could be made easy if you add a social cause to your marketing strategy. Such a marketing strategy is called cause marketing, and many local and small businesses have started to understand its impacts.

Social Cause

Millennials love to shop for causes. Therefore, you shall make it a point to engage in a social cause and contribute to its benefit. Cause marketing revolves around reflecting the message that the purchase supports a social cause and buying from your brand would be contributing to it and be socially responsible.

In fact, as per studies, 87% of the millennials globally feel that brand performance shall be assessed considering factors beyond the financials.

Understand the millennial way of living

Though millennials are considered to be shopaholics and they often have varying tastes. So, studying their buying patterns as per the demographics and location is very important. It is very much possible that a millennial who is very well to do does much like extravagance and vice versa. Therefore, demographics and user study is what can help you in marketing to millennials. 

Understand your products and services, your target niche, study their buying patterns and habits, and then start with your marketing campaign. 

Emphasize on user experience

Marketing to millennials demands a lot more than just a product or service. The millennials are more for the buying experience than just product characteristics. Since they buy for passion, happiness, exploration, and satisfaction, crafting a shopping experience that delivers all these things is imperative. 

As per studies, 78% of the millennials prefer spending on an experience than a buying event. This experience is not just related to how they feel while using your product; it has more to do with what they experience in their buying journey. Therefore, delivering the right experience when they find you online, visit your website, or explore about you, shall be seamless. By working on the user experience part of your brand, you can reflect that you are a local business worth engaging with and care about your customers.

Share positive testimonials and reviews

As per studies, users consider positive online reviews and testimonials just like personal recommendations. Millennials have seen Google evolve by the day and understand how equipping it is. By having everything at the tips of their fingers, they are not the ones who take a call before knowing all about it. And what better way than hearing it from the people who have already tried, tested, and experienced it all?

So, before making a buying decision, expect your prospects to research all about your products and services and hear it from the horse’s mouth about its reviews. This makes it very practical and significant to record and promotes your customer’s positive reviews online. You can also connect these to your website and maintain a feedback section too.


For marketing to millennials, you need to have a good understanding of them and their psychology. It’s more about what would be the right sales pitch to grab their attention. As discussed in the article, understanding their buying journey and blending it with a great online experience shall do you some good. Attaching, a social message to your marketing strategy is also another favorable point for effectively marketing to millennials. For local businesses, it is essential to pay attention to details and be thorough in making their first impression a worthwhile one.

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