You shall focus on local marketing for the sole reason of being the most approachable local business for the users. According to Forbes, 95% of mobile users make a local search; out of which 61% call a business, and 59% visit the establishment. These stats are enough reasons for you to focus on boosting your local presence no matter how big a brand you are. 

Many times, brands think that their huge name is sufficient to attract masses of customers, and this is precisely where they go wrong. Take, for example, yours is a nation-wide tattoo studio which is quite famous and known for its designs. A searcher in Los Angeles is looking out for good studios to get a permanent tattoo. And hey! You just opened a 2-story, super fancy tattoo studio in the suburbs of Los Angeles. But when he googles it, he gets a list of tattoo studios near him but does not find you on the list. But why would that happen? You are a nation-wide tattoo studio with a vast portfolio! Let me answer it for you; this is because you have not boosted your business with that particular geo-modifier.


Usually, when users search for something on the net, their requirement stays local. Take, for example, if you need a plumber to fix your bathroom, you would want a person who can reach you quickly and fix your stuff. You wouldn’t prefer to contact a plumber who is 200 miles away, right? Same way, most of the users’ search query is local, and this makes it prudent for you to invest in local marketing.

Taking a cue from the general SEO trends being followed by local and small businesses, we thought it would be nice to give a reality check before you miss out on all those hot leads. Let’s first understand why local marketing is essential and how it can help your business.

Consumers usually search with local intent

Everybody is a user these days. In fact, if you play a flashback of the last few days, how many times have you looked out for something or the other in your locality? Now, you might be able to relate to why local marketing is essential.

Usually, when users search, they add a geo-modifier like ‘Coffee shops near me,’ ‘Dermatologists nearby,’ or ‘Courier service in Koramangala.’ These are all geo-modifiers which the users usually as in their search query to get a relevant result. 

Therefore, if you don’t invest in local marketing, you might miss to appear for such local searches, which are abundant in number. As per Google, four out of every five users conduct local searches on search engines. Hence, if your SEO strategy is not targeting the areas your business is operating in, it could prove to be a considerable loss because your leads would go to your competitors.

Consumers leave and read local reviews before taking affirmative action

Online reviews have become so important that almost 95% of the users read online reviews about a business, and 90% take an affirmative buying decision based on such reviews. Local businesses, many times, tend to forget the significance of online testimonials and reviews on different platforms. And this is what hampers their local visibility and conversion. 

Remember, users largely depend upon user reviews before making any purchase decision. Be it a doctor, a saloon, a dish of a famous cafe, users do their research and then make a buying decision. Therefore, creating a Google My Business account and boosting it shall be the start to optimize your local marketing strategy.

Users are local

No matter how big your business is or how many franchises you have, your users will always be local. Take, for example, McDonald’s. They have franchises all over India and in fact, multiple stores in a particular city. So when a user makes a search query. He makes for the outlet near him and not 10 miles away.

Therefore, it is essential to have a local presence for your brand and all its outlets. In fact, this pain point has led many established businesses to implement separate social media presence, PPCs, microsites, listing and landing pages, etc. The action enables them to focus on all their locations individually and personalize their interaction with the local crowd.

Local marketing humanizes your brand

A plus point that big brands have over smaller ones is their marketing budget. They are able to invest in community activities and events, which helps them in mixing well with the local communities and humanizes their brand. Same ways, sponsoring and investing in community events not only creates brand awareness but also helps users empathize with your brand and drive their loyalty. Therefore, your local marketing strategy shall definitely have such activities under its umbrella.

With the changing times, there is an acute hype and shift towards mobile and voice searches. By having an all-round local marketing strategy, you can keep this check-point in mind and appear for mobile and voice searches. As per estimates, more than 50% of the world population will shift towards voice searches by 2020, which makes it even more imperative to have a power-packed local marketing strategy.


#1. Local marketing will make it easier for local users to find you. The easily you are found, the faster you earn brand recognition and consumer base.

#2. Local marketing enables you to get your hands on prospects who will most likely associate with you. Users lookout for quality and experience. Use local marketing to acquire and retain such users. 

#3. Local marketing gives you the power to prove to Google that you are an essential business to your local community and deserve a good organic ranking.

Where to start?

Creating a Google My Business account should be the start of implementing a local marketing strategy. Making an account would enable your business to appear on Google Map and search results along with access to the other Google goodies. This would help you in connecting better with your local audience and boost your local presence.

The Bottom Line

Local marketing is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. Be it a small, large, regional, or national brand; all require to boost their local presence to acquire and retain their geographic clientele. Many a time, businesses do boost their brands but not locally, which deteriorates their overall SEO performance. To be a forerunner in your niche, you need to implement an exhaustive local marketing strategy that boosts and retains your local presence on SERP.

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Download the Local Marketing Checklist

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